The World of Power and Motion

Moving the Planet Forward with Energy Transmission and Storage Solutions

Understanding the Need

We Build Relationships by Listening to our Customers, Understanding their needs, and Developing Solutions that meet their needs.

Working with our customers

With over 400 Engineers World Wide we offer Design for Manufacturing Solutions that Reduce Cycle Times and Develops Cost Savings for our Customers.
Motive Energy Sales, Engineering, Quality and Production work as a Team with our Customers to Develop the effective Solutions.

Successful Outcomes

We Build Long-Lasting, Successful and Productive Business Relationships with Open and Honest Communication.

Over 30 Years Of Manufacturing Excellence Through Quality Componentry!

Our Products

Motive Energy Manufactures the Systems that Power and Move our World

Low, Medium and High Voltage Enclosures

Phase Racks, Battery Boxes, Electrical Panels and Support Structures

Operator Consoles, Cab Units, Partition Walls and Hatch Assemblies.

Industries We Serve!

Motive Energy has been building tier one electrical enclosures for transportation companies for over 30 years.  Complementing these units with operator control consoles, engine components and body parts.

Motive Energy and it’s parent company Tramont Manufacturing produce power generation and distribution systems for companies around the world who rely on quality and dependability.

Today more than ever the infrastructures around the world needs updating and improvements.  We assist our customers with ideas that meet their requirements.